Standard Salutations

Correct Salutations for Members of Federal, Provincial, & Local Governments

Federal Elected Officials

Prime Minister
Address: The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, PC, MP Prime Minister of Canada
Salutation: Dear Mr. Prime Minister or Dear Prime Minister
Conversation: Sir or Prime Minister

Federal Ministers
Address: The Honourable Jane Doe, PC, MP, Minister of _______
Salutation: Dear Mrs. Doe orDear Minister
Conversation: Mrs. Doe orMrs. Minister

Ministers Also Sitting in the Senate
Address: The Honourable Marjory LeBreton, PC
or Senator, the Honourable Marjory LeBreton, PC, Minister of _______
Salutation: Dear Senator or Dear Minister
Conversation: Senator or Senator LeBreton

Members of Parliament
Address: The Honourable Devinder Shory, MP, Calgary Northeast…etc.
or Mr. Devinder Shory, MP Calgary Northeast…etc.
Salutation: Dear Mr. Shory
Conversation: Mr. Shory

Provincial Elected Official

Provincial Premier
Address: The Honourable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario
Salutation: Dear Premier or Dear Premier McGuinty
Conversation: Mr. Premier or Mr. McGuinty

Provincial Ministers
Address: The Honourable Jane Doe, Minister of ____________
Salutation: Dear Minister or Dear Mrs. Doe
Conversation: Mrs. Minister or Mrs. Doe

Members of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) as they are called in Ontario
Address: Ms. Jane Doe, MPP or MLA
Salutation: Dear Ms. Doe
Conversation: Ms. Doe

Leader of the Opposition this title applies to BOTH Federal & Provincial Oppositions
Address: Mr. Jonathan Doer, MP, PC Leader of the Official Opposition or
Mr. John Doe, MPP Leader of the Official Opposition
Salutation: Dear Mr. Doe
Conversation: Mr. Doe

Municipal Elected Officials

Mayor of a City or Township
Address: His Worship Mayor Bob Bratina, City of Hamilton
or Mayor Bob Bratina; Office of the Mayor
Salutation: Dear Mayor Bratina
Conversation: Mayor Bratina or Mr. Bratina

Address: The Honourable Councillor McHattie or Councillor McHattie;
or to Council as a whole: Members of Hamilton City Council
Salutation: Dear Councillor McHattie
Conversation: Councillor McHattie or Mr. McHattie


  • It is important,when addressing a letter, to identify the proper gender of the person to whom you are writing – e.g., His/Her Excellency or Worship; Dear Sir or Madame;Mr., Mrs., Ms.
  • All of the Federal titles above retain the title The Honourable (or Right Honourable) for life, along with the initials PC following their surnames. PC identifies the person as a member of the Privy Council and NOT as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party.
  • Members of Provincial and Municipal governments do not retain their titles after leaving office.
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