Tools for effective letter writing

Letter writing is simple. In fact the more simple and straight forward it is, the more effective it becomes. Using the tools and tips on this site will get you up and running very quickly!

Once you get used to writing and sending out letters two things will happen. First off, you will get both faster and better at it with practice. Secondly, you will start to feel empowered. It always feels good to be doing something!

Check the site regularly and make advocacy writing a habit. Share it with friends. You can get new posting updates on RSS, Twitter and Facebook. Check the contact tab above for more information.

Ready? Please read through all the links to the below before writing a letter. Happy writing!


Most posts will contain the contact information of most officials needed for the campaign but here are a list of all elected Hamilton representatives, from all three levels of government.


Standard salutations cover how to address and greet (salutation) elected officials properly.

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Serious Thinking & Real Reform

Ontario has a poverty problem. Hamilton is an intensified example of this. 18% percent of the population lives in poverty, almost 50% of them children. That is 1 In 7 children. 6.8% unemployment rate again [...]