Partnership Criteria

We are seeking to partner with organizations who wish to run advocacy campaigns.

The benefits of partnering include:

  1. Increased exposure of your campaign or event.
  2. Large network of writers or attendees.
  3. Available guest speakers for advocacy/letter writing seminars.
  4. A link back to your organization.

In order to use this service you must:

  1. Be advocating for an issue that serves Hamilton or a community there of.
  2. Advocating for the betterment of all Hamiltonians.
  3. Be socially and/or environmentally inclusive and aware.
  4. Provide a thorough context and supportive, factual materials for each campaign.
  5. Offer a solution based campaign that participants can advocate for.
  6. Provide updates and/or resolutions derived from the campaigns.
  7. Use site posting format guidelines, to be provided upon partnership.

Advocacy Hamilton will consider submissions from private individuals with relevant experience in the area they wish to campaign in.

Advocacy Hamilton will strive to offer a diversity of view points but reserves the right to not publish campaigns on it’s site as it sees fit. All the above terms are offered without prejudice.


At this time there are no set fees associated with posting on the site. Donations for the maintenance of this site are gratefully accepted.

There may be honourariums for guest speakers on letter writing (travel costs, materials) or a modest fee for writing up campaigns on behalf of organizations. Please contact us for further information.


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Serious Thinking & Real Reform

Ontario has a poverty problem. Hamilton is an intensified example of this. 18% percent of the population lives in poverty, almost 50% of them children. That is 1 In 7 children. 6.8% unemployment rate again [...]