About Advocacy Hamilton


What can we do?” is the question being asked repeatedly.


Out of that question, this site was born.

Advocacy Hamilton was founded on the premise that if there was a central repository of all active Hamilton advocacy campaigns, concerned citizens would have easy access to the information and tools needed for informed civic engagement.

Furthermore, by ‘sharing’ their engaged community members, various groups and organizations could build an expanded advocate base for disseminating their information.

The basic criteria for posting on this site is that the material relate to and better the lives of all citizens of Hamilton. If your organization or group is interested in posting campaigns to this site, please contact me.

This site is run by community advocate Laura Cattari. See Services for a sampling of her community work. Though active in many groups in Hamilton, this site is an individual effort and not reflective of the position of any organization she may be affiliated with.

Please see the Contact page to reach Laura Cattari regarding any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Serious Thinking & Real Reform

Ontario has a poverty problem. Hamilton is an intensified example of this. 18% percent of the population lives in poverty, almost 50% of them children. That is 1 In 7 children. 6.8% unemployment rate again [...]