Ward Boundary Reform Petition for Hamilton

Posted on: April 18th, 2012   2 Comments

Just a small follow-up to Andrew Dreschel’s article today.

As Advocacy Hamilton, I strive to ensure all voices in this city are heard.  This begins with a form of equal representation but not exclusively. Communities of interest need to be respected; thought given to future growth as well.

This petition is to make sure the conversation around this issue happens.

Since amalgamation the city has struggled to overcome disparate self-interests.  I think this term they have come to a level of understanding that is exemplary.  It is time for this discussion.

Pardon the analogy but the situation has become like a dental visit.  Far more fear awaiting possible pain than time spent in the chair itself.

Here is a copy of the backgrounder, map and petition we used at Art Crawl.  Please distribute and contact me here, on Facebook or Twitter for pick up asap.

Thanks Hamilton.


You can sign the petition at the following locations:
Freestyle Fitness, 299 Ottawa Street North
Copydog in the basement of Homegrown Hamilton. 27 King William St.
The Button Pushers on Locke Street South


2 Responses

  1. Santo Barbieri says:

    Hi Laura,

    Finally, some action against what is a glaring problem for those who live in the city. I think this needs to go beyond a “discussion”. Council had 12 years to discuss this and under the guise of discussion council will drag this out for another 12 years. Obviously they have no interest in dealing with it and will dragggg it along until it is forgotten. It should really be decided at the OMB. City council is content with the status quo and they have had plenty of time to make changes. What I predict happening is a slight change made by council to appease the few who are aware of the problem but not giving the
    majority who live in Hamilton their fair share of political power, unless it goes to the OMB. Why don’t you have the petition on line? Can I get a copy to pass around?

  2. Advocacy Hamilton says:

    Hi Santo,

    In the sentence where it says, “Here is a copy of the backgrounder, map and petition” click on any of the three for a pdf.

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