What if I didn’t have to live in poverty?

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What if I had been declared disabled a month earlier when I still had long term coverage?

What if I didn’t live on less than 600 a month while awaiting a decision when I first got ill and underwent countless tests, procedures and 2 surgeries in a year?

What if I had enough to participate in my community and eat 3 meals a day?

What if I could afford protein in my diet while trying to overcome muscle atrophy?

What if I didn’t live in fear of not being able to meets my basic needs?

How much healthier could I be?

What if we provide proper supports to be healthy while struggling to be self-employed?

What if we respected that people actually do want to participate and contribute?

What if we got over our belief that people don’t wish to count in society?

What if we could celebrate my strengths instead of my challenges?

What if when I speak I do not feel vilified, blamed and rejected by my neighbours?

What if telling my story wasn’t needed?

What if my security wasn’t based on the whims of politicians and based on fact?

What if instead of bandaid solutions we gave people the power of choice in their lives?

What if we saw having class, morals and values is not linked to income?

What if we understood fears for our future and that of our children are all the same?

What if we realized it’s not about them but us?

What if we demanded dignity for every member of our community?

What if we agreed that spending on poverty related disease instead of preventing it is just plain stupid?

What if we used our anger to say this is unacceptable?

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